Why It’s Important To Give Your Desires The Attention They Deserve

Why It's Important To Give Your Desires The Attention They Deserve

I’m an avid idea junkie. I have no shortage of creative ideas. I’m also a project initiator – a sometimes ravenous combination. I’m the kind of girl who puts half-formed ideas out into the world to see how they’ll survive. I throw them out like a handful of pollen to see where they’ll land, squinting my eyes and holding my breath. My friends call me an opportunist. 

Most things that I see, feel, taste, smell and touch, are things I want to craft and create into an idea and share with the world. I want to take things that live in my heart and transfer them into the physical form. I want to manifest a 3D reality. I’m a creator —I desire, I want, I crave — I salivate over opportunity.

There are ways, however, that my desire to create and share has been hurtful to me in the past. When I wait for my desires to be validated by the outside world, I open myself up to judgment, shame, condemnation and negative perspectives. I open myself up to the possibility that I will let someone else’s opinion define my desire. I miss myself – I miss the richness of my own inner world and the birth place of my desire. When I don’t believe my desires are good enough, worthy enough, creative enough or unique enough — I allow others to encourage or veto my desires. My desires become dependent on the opinions of others. I forget that I am the original Hub of my Desire.

Why Should We Take Ownership of Our Desire Hub?

When we are acting as the rightful owner of the Hub of our Desire, otherwise known as the: Desire Hub, our desires feel safe to come and be with us, to sit with us. When we know what it feels like to be our own Desire Hub, there is no need for validation from the outside world. It is validation enough to feel the pure and all-encompassing joy that comes with allowing our own desires, believing in them and owning them — we allow our desires to be true for us no matter what. We become the life of our own desire party.

When we become our own Desire Hub, we no longer spend our time searching for the best invitation, the best FB group, the best publisher, the most amount of followers — we no longer spend our time frantically hoping to jump on board someone else’s desire train, fearing that we’ll miss our connection to Success Town. We are our own Success Town. 

What Can The Desire Hub Do And Why Should We Care?

The feeling of our own inner Desire Hub is pure enoughness. It is the knowingness that our desires emanate from a place of truth and self-knowledge inside of us. It is the belief that whatever our desires are, we will hold them close to us, like tiny eggs waiting to hatch. Our desires are precious manifestations of the inner beating of our hearts. Our desires are tender and gentle, powerful and strong. Our desires deserve the best chance at life we can give them and that begins with our acceptance and our own unconditional love toward them — that begins by us sitting down next to our desires and making a commitment to not go anywhere. We agree to stay there and listen to anything our desires have to say — because that’s how important they are.

When we begin to honor our desires, we might notice that others want to seek us out because the relationship we’ve created with our desires is so sensually arousing, no one can resist it. We can stand on the strong legs of our desire and proclaim that we have made it, we have found ourselves. There is no longer anything we lack or need. We are not without anything. We are fully formed and whole. The only thing we have to do is turn our attention to this reality — picture what our Desire Hub looks like inside of us and let it light up our entire body — our entire being — let it emanate out from us like the stars we came from. 

In order to engage with the world as creative and powerful beings, it is important for us to give our desires the upmost priority — as if they were the most well-known, popular, outgoing, intelligent voices on the planet. This is how we create our own hub of attraction. Other people will naturally be drawn to our path — they will want to begin to feel their own Desire Hub – welling up inside of them.We will no longer have to wait for permission or a green light from an outside, anonymous source to continue along the path of our dreams. Our desires will be strong enough to carry us through the world and we won’t have to second guess them — because we will know we birthed them right from our own heart. 

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By Jen Antill

Jen is a Shamanic Counselor, Astrologer and writer living in Taos, New Mexico. She is dedicated to helping people all over the world learn how to transform and awaken their emotional worlds. Since 2012, Jen has been immersed in the 30,000 year old Shamanic teachings of Ka Ta See and is committed to a life-long apprenticeship with this lineage. Jen brings a depth of spiritual wisdom as well as emotional intelligence to all of her work. Jen holds certification as a Ka Ta See Healer, Shamanic Counselor and Shamanic Astrologer. You can read more about Jen and her work at www.jenantill.com.