Office Makeover Decor Ideas

I just started the process of redesigning my office space and am kind of excited about it! I’ve lived with bright aqua walls for far too long and I’m just at a point where it doesn’t inspire me anymore. It doesn’t feel like “me”.  I’m going to start by painting everything white and then add in bits of colour. My idea is rustic chic with a bit of an industrial feel…. if that makes any sense at all! Lots of different shapes and textures all around the same colour palette.

The image above is a sampling of the design board I’ve been throwing together for this room. I’ve purchased the desk and curtains and am about to start collecting the other pieces to tie it all together! Redecorating is fun, isn’t it!?

p.s. desk shopping is the absolute worst! I’ve literally been using the desk that my family purchased back when we got our first ever computer! It’s come a long way with me because I haven’t ever been able to find one that suited my needs. Not everyone can get by with just a table with no place to store a CPU!  Not everyone has a laptop or an iMac. Some of us also don’t like to face the wall when working so a finished backing is also essential. You hear me, desk manufacturers?! 😉

+ plus sign curtains from Urban Outfitters
+ furry chair from Anthropologie
+ desk from Walmart
+ desk lamp from Urban Outfitters
+ gold circle accent table from MyHabit
+ metal wall organizer from Urban Outfitters

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By Dana Fox

Founder of the Wonder Forest blog and brand and bestselling author of the Watercolor With Me book series.