Retro Pin-up Style Hair Tutorials by The Freckled Fox!

If you haven’t met Emily from The Freckled Fox, you’re missing out on some pretty sweet stuff! In particular, her recent Sweetheart Hair tutorials!  She has recreated a bunch of retro hairdos and shows you exactly how to achieve popular vintage pin-up styles like bumper bangs, victory rolls, and even the famous “Rosie The Riveter” look. I asked her to share some of her favourite Sweetheart tutorials with you girls and I hope that you check out her blog and give some of them a try!

Hello Wonder forest Readers! I’m Emily, visiting from The Freckled Fox where I blog daily about things I cook and create, photos I take, clothes I wear, and (my personal favorite) hairstyles I love! I’ve been blogging hair tutorials mostly weekly for a while now and have recently started doing week long hair series once in a while because i never feel like i have enough days to post tutorials! My most recent hair series was called ‘Sweetheart Hair Week’ because it was the week leading up to Valentines day!

I’ve always had a huge love of the classic and modern pinup girls so to speak, and so couldn’t resist collecting 6 of my favorite classic styles together.

In picking my favorites I did lots of browsing around at my favorite actresses from the 50s and 60s silver-screen era, and believe me it was hard to narrow down my choices! There are so many different variations of the victory rolls for instance that I had to put a lot of thought into how each style would come out in the end and try to combine different styles and techniques together in the same style as possible (Betty bangs with side victory rolls and a backward tuck)

Were you influenced by anyone in particular for these styles? 
Some of my biggest influences for styles include Rita Hayworth, Vivien Leigh, Ingrid Bergman, Lana Turner, and of course many gorgeous modern pinups and rockabilly stars today.

Would you wear some of these styles daily or are they just for fun?
For me myself living in a small town, I probably wouldn’t wear the victory rolls around very often, or the bumper bangs, but as for the rest, I definitely love the classic bombshell look for date night etc. because its so classy and romantic, and I’ve taken to tying my topknots up in a bandana when I work because it makes me feel tough and strong like Rosie the Riveter:) I think its totally up to my mood, and how much attention I want at the grocery store on any given day!

What was the toughest style to recreate?
I would have to say that the victory rolls are probably the toughest; mostly because they take the longest, though every time I do them I get faster and more precise!

What style would you recommend people try out first if they’re new to the whole vintage hair-do thing?
I would definitely say go for the ‘Rockabilly Rosie‘! Its maybe the fastest and easiest, its extremely satisfying once you’re done, because it is much harder than it looks and people will ask you all day long how you did it! It’s probably my favorite to wear nowadays too because of its obvious nod-to-the-past look, but still modern and totally wearable.

Do any of these work in particular for shorter haired people?
Believe it or not, they actually would work better for shorter haired people! Thinking back to favorite old-time movies (i.e. Gone with the Wind and Some like it Hot), I’ve never seen an actress with really long hair. So you won’t have to work so hard to achieve bouncy bombshell curls or have as much hair to hide in your upward barrel curls:) Take it from someone who’s hair touches her butt!

Anyways, I just love how the tutorials turned out, and I can’t wait to hear what y’all think of them! Thank you so much Dana for letting me tell about my little series!

Check out all of Emily’s hair tutorials over at her blog!
Now onto the big question… Which of these hairstyles are you going to try!?

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By Dana Fox

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