6 Ways To Start Opening Up About Your Mental Illness

6 Ways To Start Opening Up About Your Mental Illness

One of the best ways to come to terms with your mental illness and to understand it is to talk about it. But, when you have never spoken to anyone about those thoughts in your head, it can be an incredibly scary idea to open up to others and let these thoughts out into the world. But here are 6 ways that can help you open up about your mental illness:

Talk To Someone You Trust

This sounds like everything you have ever been told right? Maybe you are sick of hearing it. But honestly, talking to someone you know, and trust is a good way to ease into talking about your feelings. You don’t need to tell them everything, just being able to say to a friend that you don’t feel well, that’s a start. It can be literally anyone, your dog, your brother, your teacher – anyone you feel is safe.

Call Up A Helpline

Helplines exist exactly for the reason of allowing you to open up and talk. The person on the other line does not know you and will not judge you. If you don’t feel safe telling anyone in your immediate life yet, this is a good way to open up without worrying about rejection or repercussions. These people are trained and talk to so many people like you daily, so you are in good hands. 

Set Up A Blog

Blogging is actually how I started to open up about my feelings, in fact, I was doing this before I told anyone in my ‘real’ life. Blogs are great because they are as public or private as you want, and you can let out all those emotions in safety. The best part is that reading through your words, it can help you understand yourself and build confidence in talking about your mental illness.

Start A Diary

Hands up if you have started and given up on about a million diaries in your lifetime! I’m guilty of it. As kids, we were learning to talk about our thoughts and feelings without knowing it. Our diaries gave us a safe space to let out all the days stresses. It seems as we get older we give up on diaries but really, they do so much good for us and they are a great pass time too!

Use Anonymity

If you choose to publish online, you always have the option of hiding your identity. While many people abuse this power and use it for bad, it can also be used for good. This means that you could talk to people like you, or share your feelings, without showing your face, which is sometimes what you need. It’s a good option when you feel like you’ll explode with emotion but can’t quite deal with the idea of people know that those emotions are tied to you.

Find A Community

As lonely as it may seem to have a mental illness. I am here to tell you that you are not alone and thousands of people are feeling just like you do right now. Around the world there are so many communities, be it in your local town hall or on an online forum, there are so many ways to find and be part of a community. Mental health communities exist and are full of people who just want to talk and help each other. Have a bit of a google and find one that you can trust.

The most important thing to remember in all of this is that there is no rush, you need to open up in your own time. There is no pressure and there are no rules, just that you deserve to be heard. If you reach out, you will be heard, if that’s now or in a year. You got this.

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By Charlotte Underwood

Charlotte Underwood is a 22 year old from Norfolk UK. She is a growing mental health advocate on twitter, writer and blogger. She has a passion for words and helping others and continues to do her best to make the world a better place.

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