Tips for a Successful Blog

Having a successful blog takes work and time. Nobody becomes a successful blogger overnight! What is the secret to success? Well, that would depend on what success means to you, but generally bloggers who are on top of their game have these things in common:

They Have a Purpose

Blogging without a purpose is like planning a road trip without a map. You might think that you can just wing it and figure it out as you go along, but having a purpose will keep you on the right track. Thinking about goals for your blog and the genre you fit into will help make the road a less bumpy ride, which ultimately will lead you to success.

They Have Structure and Discipline

No blogger got anywhere without a little discipline.  It takes time and energy to complete posts which is why it’s important to have a some structure in your life. Think about where blogging fits into your life and plan ahead. Having an editorial calendar helps heaps!

They Post Engaging Content

Being successful means that you are constantly able to attract visitors by posting content they find appealing. Thinking about their experience on your blog instead of solely your own will make your site a happier place for others to gather. Your content plays a huge role in determining whether or not visitors will stay or come back, so making sure that they leave with some kind of takeaway is key.

They Connect with Readers

It’s never nice to be ignored, especially if you’ve left a comment or a question on a post and were hoping for an answer. Replying to your comments is a great way to let your visitors know they are appreciated and that you do indeed read their comments and care what they have to say. Focus on creating a bond with your readers instead of just talking AT them.

They Go Their Own Way

Instead of trying to do what everyone else is doing, successful bloggers are able to put their own spin on the content they produce. You’ve probably read tons of headlines about “finding your blogging voice” (which are always a little redundant). All you need to really do is be yourself and show your readers who you are through the words you type or photos you share. You don’t have to copy post ideas or formats from other blogs to be successful, you just need to use your own creativity and do what feels right for you.

They Say No

When content doesn’t fit your blog, say no. If a company approaches you hoping for a feature but you are unsure if the product integrates well with your other content, say no. It’s okay to say no to things, and in fact probably better if you did. Otherwise you run the risk of having misplaced content and confusing your visitors. Learning to say no can be hard, but always keep the best interest of your blog and your blog’s purpose in mind.

What do you think makes for a successful blog?

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By Dana Fox

Founder of the Wonder Forest blog and brand and bestselling author of the Watercolor With Me book series.