The Dos and Don’ts of Using Social Media For Your Business

The Do's and Don'ts of Using Social Media For Your Business

Social media plays a crucial part in how we communicate nowadays. Whether you’re a blogger, influencer or a small business, social media is a tool we use to connect to our target audience. But the way we connect with them says a lot of about us, more so than what’s on our profiles. This has us questioning whether or not we’re using the platforms to the best of our abilities.

So, how do you know if you’re using social media correctly? Let’s break it down into simple do’s and don’ts of the social media world. This will ensure your etiquette is up to par.

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DO: Be Yourself

When you’re in full business mode, you may take yourself a little too serious. Forgo the seriousness and just be yourself! Chances are, your followers will appreciate that more than you trying to keep up false energy.

DO: Respond to Comments

Responding to comments should be common sense. The people leaving them are trying to connect with you. And you never know, you might just find your next business BFF if you reply!

DO: Mind Your Manners

Social media acts as a smoke screen. Sometimes others feel it’s appropriate to lash out at other users, especially if their profile picture is just a logo. As a business owner or blogger, mind your manners. If you wouldn’t say it to their face in real life then don’t say it in a comment or DM.

DO: Leave Thoughtful Comments

In today’s world, social media can be full of negativity. People are being bashed by others they don’t know, simply because they’re behind a screen.

Bring light to someone else’s day by leaving thoughtful comments. If you really like their shirt or the way they style their hair, say so! It doesn’t matter if you’re a business or a blogger, everyone can benefit from a nice compliment.

DO: Delete Rude or Irrelevant Comments

If someone is being flat-out belligerent in the comments on your profile, don’t engage. Instead, just delete their comment. Soon, they’ll give up and unfortunately move on to someone else who’ll fight back.

As for the comments that some leave that say, “Message us for a collab!” you can delete those too. I normally do because to get my attention, you should send me a DM, not a comment that has nothing to do with the picture or caption I posted.

DO: Take a Break from Time to Time

It’s no doubt that social media can be mentally draining. Seeing everyone’s profiles and what they’re doing with their lives can have us feeling somber about ours. Before you hit that slump, take a break. For a day, don’t open the Instagram App and log off of Facebook. Or, do a week-long digital detox.

Just because you’re a business owner or a blogger doesn’t mean you can’t take a break. Trust me, your followers will understand. If they don’t, then they’re not the followers for you.

DON’T: Ask for a Collaboration Right Off the Bat

Whether you’re a brand looking to collaborate with influencers or a blogger looking to team up with a brand, get to know them first. When I had my jewelry business, it was a little awkward getting emails and DMs from influencers looking to collaborate when I had no previous forms of communication with them.

To offset that awkwardness, start leaving thoughtful comments on their profiles. If they reply each time, then go ahead and move into their DMs and begin the conversation of collaborating.

DON’T: Leave Multiple Messages

Speaking of collaborations, if you don’t hear back from them, don’t leave multiple messages. Not only is it a nuisance for them but it’s unprofessional.

If they don’t answer back the first time then a week later do a follow-up. If you still don’t hear back from them, it’s just not meant to be. Rather than get upset, move on. There will be other opportunities for you.

DON’T: Add Fuel to the Fire

If you notice people are having a heated discussion in your comments, don’t add to it. While you might think the other party is right, you don’t want to cause more controversy on your profile. Instead, politely let them know that they should discuss this matter elsewhere. If they can’t do that, start deleting their comments.

DON’T: Forget to Have Fun

While social media has a side of professionalism nowadays, it’s important to still have fun! Don’t be afraid to share funny moments that happened behind the scenes or share a photo or video that made you laugh until you cried.

People want to know there’s a human behind the computer. After all, I said it once and I’ll say it again—social media is for being social! Get to know those who are following you and spending their time liking and sharing your content.

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By Kayla Peart

Kayla Peart is a storyteller and poet wandering through life and wondering about it. She shares her findings through stories and poetry on Moonflwr, her newsletter.


  1. I run social media for the company I work for and this is even more important – because I’m not just representing myself professionally, I’m speaking on behalf of the entire company and there’s a lot of pressure to be polite, professional. and engaging. All great tips!

    1. That sounds like an awesome job! But you’re definitely on point—since you’re representing someone else’s company, it’s even more crucial that your etiquette on social media is on par. Just know that if anyone gives you negativity, don’t take it personally. Always be the bigger person. 🙂

      And thank you very much for the compliment!

    1. Right?! It rules our lives but yet most of us have a love/hate relationship with social media, haha.

      And no problem! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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