3 Questions to Help You Find Your Creative Purpose Today

3 Questions to recognize your creative purpose

Do you feel as if you’re floating aimlessly through life? Do you agonize over time wasted? You’re not alone and you can fix all of that TODAY. We all have at least one thing that we’re really good at. The problem is that we often waste time not utilizing our gifts to accomplish our goals and miss out on our true calling. We each have that special something that sets us apart from everyone else and gives us direction on life’s journey – this is our creative purpose.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

When we’re young we have BIG dreams. In most cases, the harsh realities of life hits us hard and we begin to compromise and sometimes even forget our dreams altogether. We get lost in limbo. I was lost for a long time until a few chance encounters with some wise people, coupled with moments of clarity, gave me the keys to unlock my own creative purpose almost instantaneously.

I wasted a lot of time and pined night after night for years because I had no direction. Finding my creative purpose solved all that. How do you get out of limbo? You have to take a trip down memory lane and ask yourself three (3) simple questions. When we’re young our innate gifts shine true in its purest form. We’re not burdened by negative experiences and what some deem as ‘practical’ thinking. We’re just filled with a dream and a spark. That spark is a guide.

After taking a day to reflect, I guarantee that you’ll be provided with direction as to what your creative purpose is and you’ll almost magically start getting ideas and begin to engage in actions to make your dreams come true. It can all happen in one day. So, let’s get started:

Question 1: What Was Your Childhood Talent?

What was the one thing that you were really good at? I’m sure you’re great at a lot of things, but for the purpose of this exercise we’ll stick to one. Now, don’t think too hard about it. Off the top of your head just blurt it out! Think as far back as you can. Even back to the time you starting riding a two-wheeler if possible…

Question 2: What Did You Receive the Most Compliments From?

Sometimes you may not have recognized your special gift from that early a stage in life. To help you along, take another stroll down memory lane and ask yourself what you received the most compliments about. Were you great with your hands? Were you good at making people laugh? Were you a great writer? We receive compliments when something about us shines the most. Remember, you’re channeling your younger self so it’s highly unlikely that those compliments would not be genuine. You can trust them.

Question 3: What Did You Have the Most Fun Doing?

You can’t recognize your creative purpose unless you’re having fun right? What is it that you used to do simply because it brought you joy? Do you still do it today?

Now, do you see a pattern forming? That’s the vision giving way to defining your creative purpose. The next step is to take action. Don’t doubt yourself. Maybe you’ve been living your life thus far thinking your purpose was something totally different and are scared to change course. That’s OK. I’ve been there too. However, I soon realized that questioning your gifts just makes you stuck in life. Turn down the noise in your mind and start using your gifts and find ways of sharing it with the world.

When you use your unique creative talent in alignment with your overall goals, you’ll better be able to accomplish your dreams and the universe starts opening up opportunities to help you do just that. That was my experience and the experience of many others I know who seem to have life ‘all figured out’. Wishing you all the best on your journey!

Find your own direction.

How to find your creative purpose right now!

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By Gizelle Riley

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