5 Ways to Bounce Back From Rejection

5 Ways to Bounce Back From Rejection

We all have to face different kinds of rejection throughout our lives. Unfortunately, there’s no way around the simple fact that rejection stings. It’s hard enough to put ourselves out there. And to not be accepted as we are, whether in dating, work, or otherwise, can be something that’s hard to get over. But luckily, we do get over it. Humans are resilient, and the more we practice our resiliency, the stronger we become both mentally and emotionally. Here are five ways to move on and become better after a rejection that may have us temporarily shaken.

Start Self Care Pronto

What healthy habits and routines recharge you and simply makes you feel good? Time to focus on those!

“We can’t carry the weight of the world on our shoulders”

Self care looks very different for different people. For some, self care means spending a Saturday taking a long, scented bath with a favourite book. For others, it means going on a hike with best friends and disconnecting from the world.

Whatever self care looks like to you, put in the time for it. We can’t begin feeling better if we don’t take a moment to refresh.

Do Some Self-Reflection

It can be very tough, but don’t be afraid to do the emotional work of self-reflection when ready. If you were rejected in a relationship, ask yourself what went wrong. Did you bring your best self to the table? Was it really the right relationship for you? What would you have done differently?

The same can be done for a job interview, or recent setback at work. Did you do your best? Did this new position really seem like your perfect fit? What do you want to do moving forward?

This self-reflection may offer a new lens on the situation, and we may realize something we’ve never thought of before.

…But Don’t Carry All Blame

While spending some time reflecting and realizing what we would do differently is important, we can’t carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Don’t overdo it by beating yourself up with questions or accusations. Forgive yourself if you feel it’s necessary. Know that life is about learning and getting better, and we are all just doing the best we can.

Focus On The Positive

What’s going right in your life right now? What are you grateful for? What do you love about the world and yourself?

Ask these questions and bring yourself back to a positive mindset. Remember to share that positive mindset with the world, as you will attract positive things, ideas, and people.

Put Yourself Back Out There

Finally, when you are ready to move on and be your best self, put yourself back out there. Start dating again. Create new goals at work, and then take steps toward them.

Life is like a wave. Sometimes we are at the top, and other times we crash below sea level. However, no one can introduce us to exciting new opportunities and chances other than ourselves. Don’t forget to be brave.

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