How to Rekindle Your Love For Reading

How to Rekindle Your Love For Reading

Remember the days of curling up with a good book? You could spend hours alone – but feel surrounded by the adventure in the pages, the details of the characters. When you went out with friends or to a party, you’d somehow find a fellow bibliophile and chat about books all night.  But as you eased out of college and your early professional career, you might have found you just don’t read much anymore and you certainly don’t chat about them with friends as much anymore either.

Free time has become a thing of the past – and the little time you have is spent catching up with friends or your new favorite Netflix series.  You’ve got a lot on your plate, but reading can be an incredibly helpful self care method.  If you’ve been wanting to get into reading again (it is a new year after all), we’ve got five ways that you might not have considered.

How to Rekindle Your Love For Reading

Make it Part of Your Mindfulness Routine

We know you’re busy, so reading can feel like just one more thing to add to your to-do list and one more thing that you might not achieve.  However, if you’ve got a mindfulness routine, we encourage you to think of reading as part of it.  Mix up your yoga and meditation practice by adding a night of reading.   Make yourself a cup of tea, find a quiet place, be still, and lose yourself in a book.

Read With Friends

Skip the dinner and ask them to come over and read.  They’re probably looking for more time to get back into reading as well, so why not combine?  Invite them over or meet at a coffee shop.  You can still catchup before and discuss your books as you read.  Read the same book or choose different ones if your preferences differ.

Combine it With Another Hobby

Like to listen to podcasts? Listen to a podcast about literature.  Like to wind down with a glass of wine after a day’s work? Make it a bit more productive with a book.  Love bubble baths? Invest in a stand for your bathtub and bring a book along.  Or read a book about your favorite hobby – whether it’s yoga, writing, or cooking.

Join a Subscription Book Service

How to Rekindle Your Love For Reading

Subscription services are thriving and there’s plenty of book clubs popping up.  Have a browse around and find one that seems the best fit for you.  There are ones that feature celebrity picks, ones that turn books into cocktail recipes, and ones for specific genres.

Stay in Bed – With a Book

Rather than just giving yourself an extra hour or so to lie in bed on Saturday or Sunday morning, set your alarm – but don’t force yourself to get up.  Instead, relax and treat yourself to a longer time in bed.  It’s the perfect way to be productive without too much effort and will make you feel great for the rest of the day.

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By Abbey Jones

Abbey Jones is the founder of Bad People Book Club – a subscription book service for people who like to read but also like to party. Each month, subscribers will receive the book of the month along with a cocktail recipe and ingredients based on the book. You can also listen to the podcast, which features fun, ‘IRL’ discussions about books.


  1. I really like this post, as a kid and teenager I was such a massive bookworm but now I’m 21 reading is something I practically never do anymore. I do miss it but at the same time I find getting back into is so difficult x

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