15 Budget Friendly Backyard Makeover Ideas

Summer is on its way so what better time to freshen up your garden for a season of get-togethers and more time spent in the backyard. These ideas will give you some inexpensive ways to easily transform your patio or backyard and give it the makeover it so deserves.

Whether you want to refresh your existing garden or try your hand at some DIY projects, these ideas are all budget-friendly and impactful!

Outdoor Rug

Source: Benuta

To instantly zone a space and add a touch of personality and colour, an outdoor rug can be an inexpensive and a quick way to do this. Pick your colour and pattern carefully to change the mood of your backyard – do you want bright and airy or dark and moody?

Patio Stencils

Source: Dizzy Duck Designs

If your garden is feeling dull or lacking personality and you want to liven up your patio, stencils are an affordable method of refreshing your space. All you need to do this is a stencil, some paint and a little bit of patience – there are so many opportunities and styles to explore!

Painted Fences

Source: I Spy DIY

You’ll be surprised at what a fresh coat of paint will do for your garden. Your garden fence can really determine the entire ambience of your space so switch it up to suit yourself. Go for a light pastel wash to brighten up your space or try a striking black for a sophisticated and glam look.

Garden Mirror

Source: Megan Pflug

To create the illusion of a bigger space and to utilise and reflect the sun’s natural light, a garden mirror can be a tactical piece of garden decor. Not only will this also create a subtle area of interest in your garden but it can add a touch of glamour at an affordable price point.

Fragrant Flowers

Source: Anita Yokota

The most obvious way to rehaul your garden is to plant more flowers! Choose your plants wisely to help yourself in the long run – perennial flowers will grow each and every year with the proper care which means you won’t have to repurchase them time and time again. Selecting fragrant flowers will also leave your garden smelling beautiful – opt for fragrant perennials such as gardenias, lavenders or roses!

Painted Trellis

An easy way to refresh your existing garden is to use a lick of paint! Gardens can quickly look very brown and green so painting your existing equipment, like trellises, can draw focus to your climbing plants and flowers and add a pop of colour.

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are a staple for summer evenings and they are quick, easy and inexpensive to install! String lights effortlessly transform a space and add a magical, cosy atmosphere to any space. This can be as easy as installing some hooks and draping over your favourite style of lights.

Upcycled Planters Tin

Source: Deko Ideen Reich

We have so much leftover packaging and materials in our homes that are asking to be upcycled. Look at these simple tin cans that have been painted and repurposed into hanging planters. Choose different sizes to create some interest as plant pots or attach a string or chain to hang from your garden to create some levels. See our other ideas for painted flower pots!

Bistro Set

Source: Cate StHill

A backyard should be a place of serenity and calm whether you are gardening or relaxing. Create a focal point by centering your garden around a small bistro set which will allow you to have a quiet place to sit and relax and to shape the rest of your garden around.

Upcycled Furniture

Source: Francine’s Place

If you have the space for a bigger piece of furniture but not the budget, roll your sleeves up and try a DIY project. Pallets are relatively cheap (or sometimes free if you know where to look!) to get your hands on and can be the perfect base for an outdoor sofa and table – a great way to repurpose a crate pallet and create a garden seating area.


Source: @KylaMagrathInteriors

Add some light and texture into your space by including some lanterns in your backyard. Choose a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes to hang or to place freestanding on the ground to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. The best thing about these is that they can be found very inexpensively and are very low commitment!

Create a Pathway

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Pave the way by creating a pathway through your garden. Not only will this create a visually appealing focal point but it will naturally guide you and your eyes through the yard so you are able to easily navigate the different spaces. Opt for an affordable and organic style by using spare bricks or garden slabs to carve out a path.

Light and Shade

Source: Domino

For a dynamic patio, it is important to create pockets of space and different atmospheres to not overwhelm your backyard. Make light and shade by installing a sheltered area to lightly cover a relaxing space making it more compact and cozy. Try your hand at making wooden pergola or even try to hang a fabric canopy over your space.

Recycled Bench

If you’re longing for a seating area but can’t afford to buy a brand new bench, try to use your existing materials to make one – as long as you have a sturdy structure, you’re set! Look at this bench by Lina, she uses six stone slabs topped with a wooden plank to make a chic looking bench. 

DIY Fire Pit

Source: Blesser House

A fire pit is the ultimate backyard centrepiece all year around – cozy up to a hot fire on a breezy Summer evening or bring the family out to roast marshmallows when it hits Winter. Surprisingly, these can be made over a weekend with the right preparation and materials – see this easy tutorial on how to make one in your own backyard!

By Louise Chai

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