4 Simple Ways to Start Focusing on Mental Health

4 Simple Ways to Start Focusing on Mental Health

Mental health has become a trendy topic lately. Articles about self-care and positivity are everywhere we look. Therapy is (fortunately) becoming less taboo everyday. And mental illness is being researched and presented as a legitimate issue more than ever before. These things are all great, but when it comes to taking action for our own mental health, it can be easier said than done.

I had been interested in exploring my own mental health for a long time but didn’t take the leap until late last year. Let me tell you, it’s so worth it. I’ve learned so much about myself already but know that I still have far to go on the journey. I feel like my efforts are going to improve my life so much for the long run, rather than if I started at a later time.

Are you looking to take the first steps of your mental health journey? Start with the ideas below.

Jot Down Emotions

It can be hard to understand our emotions and why we feel the way we do. Sometimes, there’s a repeated pattern of events that affect our feelings, and we don’t even realize it. If you tend to get random feelings of irritation, sadness, or anxiety, jot down the time, place, and what’s going on around you. You may realize something happens that gets you feeling down, and this can be the first step to addressing it.

Take extra care of your body

It has been said plenty that how we treat our bodies and feel on the outside will affect how we feel on the inside, and it’s completely true. Lack of sleep, nutritious food, or exercise can change our moods from happy and care-free to grumpy and irritable. If you’re not taking the steps to care for your body, this might make all the difference.

Buy some fruits and vegetables, schedule daily runs or gym sessions, and keep note of what you need to do every day to relax both physically and mentally.

Do research

Google is a revolutionary tool for those in the mental health community or who are just interested in learning more about their own health. If you have felt troubled or feel like something is off with your mood or body, you are surely not alone. Don’t be afraid to start doing some research by going online or speaking to trusted friends and resources.

It’s important to note, however, you cannot diagnose yourself or come to conclusions about your health based on what you see online. To get real help, you must meet with a professional. Speaking of which…

Speak to a therapist

A lot of people are reluctant to start therapy due to embarrassment about their issues or fear of judgment. However, I don’t know a single person who’s spoken to a therapist or mental health professional and regretted it. Therapy is becoming much more popular among younger generations, which is good for the future of mental health. Don’t be afraid to start looking into this as an option. After all, what we all want is to not only survive, but also thrive.

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