4 Ways to Stay Mindful Every Day Of Your Life

4 Ways to Stay Mindful in the Day to Day

Holding yourself to a constant state of mindfulness and present-ness can seem daunting. Sometimes, you’re exhausted and drained, and your eyes glaze over during a conversation. Does that really make you a terrible person? Absolutely not. But we all know there’s more to life than dragging through one day after another, and that’s where being intentional comes in.

In a perfect world, we’d all wake up happy, energized, and ready to go. Then we’d have productive days with laughter mixed in. But that’s not always the case. Mornings can be rushed, happiness can feel distant all day, and sometimes we’re chasing yet another cup of coffee to keep ourselves going.

But what about living life to the fullest? What about chasing after our dreams, living for the moment, and enjoying the present? Those are vital parts of life, and staying mindful daily will help us to remember what we’re here for.

Start Your Day Off Intentionally

4 Ways to Stay Mindful in the Day to Day

Morning routines are different for everyone, but establishing one and keeping up with it is a great way to set the pace for your day. I’ll admit to being terrible about this, but when I manage to take time to journal, listen to a podcast, or read a devotional, the rest of my day goes so much more smoothly.

Figure out what works for you. Maybe you go on a walk first thing in the morning. Direct your thoughts to a good place by listening to a podcast or some happy music. This is a great way to start your day with a positive mindset. If you have time, try sitting down with a journal and writing about what you’re thankful for or how you want your day to go. And speaking of that

Write Down a Few Goals For The Day

4 Ways to Stay Mindful in the Day to Day

Keep in mind, I’m not telling you to write a to-do list (although that’s also a great option for managing your time). I’m talking about goals. What do you want out of your day? Life is about more than moving from one task to another. It’s about doing what you love and filling your days with what makes you happy and gives you purpose.

So, to set a few goals for the day, go back to the basics. What are your big life goals, and how can you take a step closer to them today? This could be something as simple as spending extra time with your family, or it could be pouring your heart out in a blog post. While these things technically could be categorized as tasks on a list, there’s more to it. You’re intentionally working toward something instead of just getting your chores done.

Check In With Yourself

4 Ways to Stay Mindful in the Day to Day

Every once in a while (as often as you see fit), check in with yourself. Ask, “Does my day have any direction?” If so, that’s great. If not, go back to your goals for the day and reassess your plan.

It can be hard to remember to do this. To make it easier, try setting a few reminders on your phone or leaving yourself notes throughout your house. Remind yourself of your purpose for the day—or for the year, or for your life.

Something I notice about myself is that when I think one anxious thought, they’ll keep barreling in. If I let it go for too long, it has the potential to ruin my whole day. So pausing mid-day to evaluate what’s going on in my head literally has the power to change my day.

Give Yourself Time to Breathe

4 Ways to Stay Mindful in the Day to Day

Leave time to reflect on your day, what you’ve gotten done, and how you’re feeling. If you’re busy moving from one task to the next, from your home to the office to the grocery store and then back home again, only to leave for a night out, you’re going to have a harder time staying mindful. You’ll be so focused on what your next task is that you’ll struggle to stay present.

I’m not saying that you should say no to hanging out with friends. I am, however, saying that it’s a good idea to give yourself some time to process your day and to work through any emotions that might need your attention.

Mindfulness and balance are important parts of life. Without them, our emotions can get out of whack, and we can lose focus on our goals and our core values. So keep these tips in mind while going about your day, your week, your month. Let’s stay mindful, together.

By Rebekah Joan

Rebekah Joan is a freelance writer and blogger with a passion for photography. She loves spending her days dreaming up fantastical stories, staying mindful in the in-between moments of life, and encouraging others to live their lives to the fullest. Connect with her on her website to learn about intentional living and the world inside her head.