5 Ways to Change Your Life (Your Future Self Will Thank You)

5 Ways to Change Your LIfe (Your Future Self Will Thank You)

We live in a hectic world. Everyone is so busy and we’re always on the go. Whether it’s work, school, family, friends, or whatever – it seems like a lot of people are so busy that they overlook themselves. They don’t always think about what they’re doing or where they’re going with their life.

I think that a big part of the problem is that we’re not mindful enough. We’re not intentional with our choices and actions. We’re not mindful of what our bodies are telling us, of what is going on around us, or of what our loved ones need from us. When we aren’t being mindful, we’re more likely to become overwhelmed or get burnt out.

Here is list of five things that you can do today to invest in yourself and your life. They may seem like unimportant things, but they can add up to big changes. If you take the time to do these things, your future self will thank you!

Decide What Your Values Are

A person who has strong values and beliefs has a much clearer direction in life. If you don’t know what your values are, you’re walking through life aimlessly. This will also help you to really build up your confidence in yourself. So take some time to sit down with a piece of paper and decide what your beliefs are – and make sure you live life by them every day.

Regularly Take Time For Self-Care

Try to set aside a day once a month – or once a week, if you can – to take care of yourself. You can spend these days pampering yourself, spending time on a hobby you love, reading a book or binge watching your favourite show on Netflix. Just make sure you’re doing something that you enjoy. It’s important to make some “me-time” regularly because it recharges you, it lowers your stress levels and it boosts your creativity.

Keep Up With Your Physical Health

You know all of this already, but that doesn’t mean you actually do it. Taking care of your body is very important. When you feel good physically, you feel good mentally and emotionally. So on that same note, when you’re physically unhealthy, it can cause you to feel mentally and emotionally unhealthy. Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly (at least 3 times a week) can do wonders. 

Cut Ties With Negative People

If you want to truly be happy in life, you can’t keep spending time around people who make you unhappy. Choosing to be with the wrong partner or spend time with the wrong friend(s) can easily ruin your life. If there’s someone in your life that makes you feel unhappy or not good enough, cut ties with them. Doing this isn’t selfish or mean; it’s actually healthy. Also, don’t forget to cherish the people in your life who make you happy – the ones that are full of encouragement.

Practice Gratitude Every Day

A little bit of gratitude can go a long way. You don’t have to write out a gratitude list or anything – simply thinking of something that you’re thankful for each morning when you wake up each morning is enough. Focusing on things that you want all of the time can really drag you down and leave you feeling frazzled. Letting go of your need to control what you get and just being thankful for what you already have is a great way to open yourself up to amazing possibilities. Gratitude can literally change your life.

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By Tami Walker

Tami is a twenty-something wife and freelance writer who has a passion for creativity. Her blog, theinspirationlady.com, focuses on self-improvement and lifestyle topics. She's a goal-digger, an animal-lover, and a bookworm. When she's not writing, you can find her spending time in nature or making art.


  1. Ahh these things are so important. I’ve started working full time and paying for my own apartment and stuff, and so getting sick or feeling off just isn’t an option like it was in college. I’ve had to really focus on self-care and taking care of my physical health so I don’t get sick.

  2. Just last week, I started exercising as a form of self-care that my future self will thank you for. I also decided to turn it into a lifestyle. I hope I can do it. Hehe! 🙂 And having a gratitude attitude is the best. It makes you realize that we can truly find happiness in the simplest of things and having this kind of attitude radiates to other people, too. 🙂

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit

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