8 Little Ways To Live a Motivated Life

8 Little Ways to Live a Motivated Life

About a week ago I went through a little motivation dry patch. When you are a self employed blogger, these moments of lack of inspiration can be the worst, but worry not! There are things you can do to keep your motivation up. Here are a few tips that helped me get through those days so I could get  back into the zone of creating and being inspired!

Change Your Phone or Desktop Background

8 Little Ways to Live a Motivated Life
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We look at our phones so many times during day that we might as well use it to our advantage. Change your lock screen to a pretty picture with a positive message so that every time you grab your phone you are reminded to stay focused, motivated and positive! For some, an adorable of their pet might also do the trip. Add little reminders of happiness on your phone and while you are at it, spread positive messages throughout your environment to remind you of the things you want to achieve. Put some sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, desk space or anywhere else you find yourself looking at often. Try browsing our Tech Tuesday section for options!

Wake Up Early

It is so tempting to sleep in until the last minute and then rush to get ready and out of the house in the morning. Making the effort to wake up a little bit early may be just the thing you need to have a perfectly productive day. When you wake up earlier, you can create a more relaxing morning routine, have time to think about your day and the things you want to get done and maybe even sneak a workout. You will feel so much more energized and motivated that you will thank yourself later!

Have an Energized Breakfast

8 Little Ways to Live a Motivated Life

A fruit smoothie or bowl of granola are perfect easy ways to start the day right. I always feel more motivated to start my day after having a smoothie (my favorite is bananas and berries with soy milk). Granola is a great option as you can bake one batch per week and then store it for the rest of your mornings. I like to use this simple recipe that you can also customize to include all your favorite nuts and seeds.

Improve Your Atmosphere

8 Little Ways to Live a Motivated Life
City Scapes Tin Candle by Urban Outfitters

Your environment is important to your well being. Remember The Sims and how little annoyances in environment would completely kill your sim’s mood? To keep your atmosphere feeling just right, try lighting candles, incenses and spreading any scents that you like. Keeping your surroundings inspiring and comfortable will allow you to get a lot more done with less distractions. Cleaning might feel like the last thing you want to do, but having a clean environment will really boost your motivation in other areas of life! 

Listen to a Pumped Playlist

Music has the power to change your mood, so blast some positive uplifting beats in the background to keep your mood positive and inspired. I created this playlist that I like to listen to while I work and you are welcome to listen along or create your own! I also love the “Soak up the sun”, “Have a great day” and “Good vibes” playlists on Spotify.


8 Little Ways to Live a Motivated Life

Everyone says it: working out is important! Be it in the morning, middle of the day or afternoon, keeping yourself active gives you more energy, helps you sleep better so you are more rested to tackle all your goals! Afraid to go to the gym for the first time? We have tips for newbies!

Give Yourself Break Times

Schedule thirty minute breaks into your workday to make sure you don’t burn out. Giving yourself time off the computer means you can recharge and keep your mind fresh. This can apply to anything, be it studying, writing or working in general. It’s so important to give yourself time off to stretch, drink water, or have a snack.

Create a Short Term Goal vs. Long Term Goal To-Do List

Everyone says this but keeping a to-do list can be a game changer. There is something about the feeling of satisfaction we get from crossing things off a list that we all love. Take it a step further and create a categorical to-do list in which you specify your daily goals versus weekly goals and monthly goals. Sometimes there are things we cannot achieve in a day but we can break it down into smaller pieces that, when combined at the end of a period of time, become that big goal we had in the beginning. Recognize which of your aspirations you know will take more time to develop and pace yourself. In our hectic everyday lives we are used to instant gratification which leads us into frustration when some of the things we want don’t happen immediately. Keep that frustration at bay with a categorical to-do list and there is nothing you cannot conquer!

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