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Tech Tuesday

TECH TUESDAY: Procreate Brush Freebies

Want to get in on the handwritten calligraphy trend? The Procreate App is a great place to start practicing your brush stroke and designing your own fonts – especially with these freebie brushes courtesy of Sarah Types!
The texture Procreate brush has a subtle grainy texture to it, while the rounded brush is…

Tech Tuesday: Winter Chic Wallpapers

If you like the idea of getting bundled up in a chic coat to go holiday shopping down the trendiest streets (while snow is gently falling), this Tech Tuesday is for you. Designed for iPhone 7, these wallpapers by Clementine Studio combine fashion with the motifs of winter. Enjoy!


Tech Tuesday: Holiday iPhone Cases

Accessorizing for the holidays shouldn’t just be left to what you wear, but also what you carry.  This year, I’ve expanded the Wonder Forest phone case line to include some brand new holiday cases so that you can deck out your iPhone or other mobile device for the season. …

Tech Tuesday: Fruity iPhone Wallpapers

Today’s Tech Tuesday art was pulled from my sketchbook archives! These hand-painted watercolour fruits will make you wish that summer would never end. Available in a few sizes for iPhones, but they should also work for other devices as well. I hope you like these ones!

iPhone 5s |…

TECH TUESDAY: Cacti Party Wallpapers

Everywhere we look, succulents and cacti are taking over – and we’re totally okay with it! Spice up your desktop background and hone into some serious desert vibes with these Cacti Party wallpapers created for Wonder Forest by Jacy Pulford. CACTI PARTYCACTI PARTY WITH STRIPESTo use:Click on the links above for…

TECH TUESDAY: Sweet Sayings Printables

Need some daily affirmations for your office or bedroom? Today’s Tech Tuesday provides sweet sayings that you can print for wall art, greeting cards or anything that sparks your imagination. Enjoy!Life is SweetNo One Can Take Your ShineAll designs are for personal use only. Do not use for commercial purposes. Do…