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6 Things to Do When Depression Hits

Depression is something that so many people struggle with, including myself. It’s a horrible illness and it’s one that can be hard to cope with. It sucks away your happiness and when you try to get away from it, it can just keep pulling you back down.
Fighting depression can…

5 Ways to Get Organized this Fall

Spring cleaning is a good time to declutter your home and welcome summer, but I feel like fall is the best time to get organized. Fall feels like a fresh start, plus it gives you time to get organized before the first of the year.
Even if you’re not in…

7 Tips For Setting Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are an important part of pretty much every relationship in our lives. When you don’t have healthy boundaries in a relationship, the relationship can quickly turn toxic and leave somebody feeling sad or angry.
If you have a hard time standing up for yourself or voicing your opinion,…