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How To Paint Loose Watercolour Peonies

Painting flowers is a soothing practice that can sometimes take a little patience.  With a loose style of watercolour painting, you can experiment with the medium and allow yourself to give up a little bit of control.
A loose style of painting comes naturally for some and tends to be…

How to Create a Goal Board

As the new year began we probably all created a big list of goals we want to reach during this new year. Being more healthy, regular workouts, starting a YouTube channel or finally writing this book we had in mind for years. Some goals are bigger, some are smaller….

Watercolour For Beginners: All About Paper

So you want to start watercolour painting, but you don’t know where to begin.  There are a few essential tools you’ll need that I will be covering in a variety of posts to help you understand the benefits and disadvantages of different supplies.  Today, let’s talk about one of…

5 DIY Holiday Card Watercolour Tutorials

It’s been feeling a lot like Christmas over on the Wonder Forest YouTube channel lately.  The Holiday Card series will teach you how to create lovely, unique cards that you can send to your family and friends this season.
Each card is perfect for both beginner and advanced watercolour artists…

Watercolour Workshop 40% Off!

Happy Black Friday!
As many of you know, I run an online members only Watercolour Workshop where I teach the fundamentals, tips and tricks of watercolour painting.  Members are guided step by step through a library of video tutorials and projects which will help take them from beginners to bosses! 

10 Free Super Cozy Crochet Patterns

As soon as the cold weather hits, out come my crochet hooks!  It’s like an automatic reaction I have to winter.  Yarn aisle at Walmart: watch out! 
I am constantly scouring the internet for lovely patterns and wanted to share some of my recent favourites with you that are sure…

Tropical Flowers Watercolour Tutorial

Painting flowers is a great way to familiarize yourself with watercolour because there are so many different shapes you can create and so many different colour combinations to discover.  You don’t have to be a professional artist to dabble in floral painting, because even the simplest, most loose arrangements…

6 Must-Have Books for Learning Hand Lettering

My hand lettering journey started during high school with copperplate calligraphy. After a many (many) year break, I started relearning hand lettering in both calligraphy and brush lettering. While I’m still a hand lettering newbie, here are my top six books that I use all the time for tips,…