How to Differentiate Yourself From Other Bloggers

How to Differentiate Yourself from other Bloggers

In a sea of blogs, it can sometimes be a challenge to stand out and separate yourself from the pack. If you don’t want to blend in, you’ll need to think about your blogging strategy a little bit. It’s all about finding what makes you unique and using that to your advantage.

First, you need to let go of the idea that you have to do what everyone else is doing. Those things could be holding you back as a blogger.

While it can be useful to have a handful of sites you favor for inspiration, you still need to find that special something that sets you apart.

All top bloggers have their own personalities fused into their work, or a certain style that they’ve developed which is recognizable by their followers. With a little bit of planning, you can do the same.

Create Consistent Photos

The photos you take and share can be one way to do this. Keeping the style or design of your graphics/photos similar in each of your posts will help make your site a little more cohesive and pulled together.

For example, I use a heading photo that is vertical in orientation, the same size, and use the same fonts in each of my posts. If somebody sees one of these photos on a site like Pinterest, they might recognize the blog that it belongs to (mine!). 

Your own photography style, size/crop, or the way you compose your graphic images can be totally unique to you.

Share your personal experience

Another absolutely effective way to differentiate yourself from other bloggers is to use your experience.

Since we all have experience with different things, injecting some of your own talents into your posts can have a really positive outcome.

If you do this enough, your readers will pick up on it and start to label you as somebody who knows all about _____. 

Come up with a few things that you’re great at or have experience with and infuse those things into your upcoming posts. Let others know about your skills on your About page as well so that any new readers can immediately see what makes you different from the rest.

Fine tune your writing style

Your writing or post editing style can also become a trademark of your blog. Some bloggers have success posting minimal text and a lot of photo content, whereas others are known for writing long, thought provoking entries.

Choose your style based on what you are most comfortable with and decide you want your posts to be read.

Maybe you use a lot of slang words for a more carefree vibe, or maybe you take your time and write with a refined vocabulary.

Whatever you do, don’t emulate other bloggers just because you like the way they do things. It has to feel natural to you!

Be unique

Overall, the main task here is coming up with ideas that make your uniqueness shine. There is something exclusive to all of us that the world is waiting for us to share, so get out there and show others what makes you, you.

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By Dana Fox

Founder of the Wonder Forest blog and brand and bestselling author of the Watercolor With Me book series.