The 20 Best Couples Halloween Costume Ideas for 2022

With Halloween around the corner, you might be scrambling to come up with the perfect couples Halloween costume for you and your beau. Fear not, I’ve gathered 20 of my absolute favourite couples costumes for 2022!

With parties being a bit limited this year due to the current circumstances, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still dress up and have fun with your significant other (or maybe you’re looking for a nice family halloween costume idea instead?).

Either way, we haven’t forgotten about the spirit of Halloween and all of the fun that comes with dressing up.

Whether you want to scare onlookers, make them laugh, or just look super cute, this list of 20 couples costumes for Halloween is sure to inspire you!

1 – Princess Peach and Mario Couples Halloween Costume

This super cute look is easy to pull off with the right dress and some denim overalls for him! Make yourself a gold crown and a fake moustache to get the look nailed down.

2 – Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf

This special effects Halloween makeup is perfect for a creepier version of Little Red Riding Hood. Of course, you need a wolf mate to complete the ensemble too!

3 – A Christmas Story Costume

Everyone loves a little nostalgia!  This Ralphie bunny costume and the leg lamp from the classic movie A Christmas Story brings back so many feelings. Definitely one of my favourite couples Halloween costumes for sure.

4 – Twins from The Shining

The Shining Couples Costume
source: @bearally

I love that this couple chose to both dress as the creepy little girls from The Shining. Who said your man can’t play dress-up every once in a while?!

5 – Disney’s UP Couples Costume

Keiko always does Halloween costumes so well! I just love this UP inspired couple’s costume that she and her boyfriend DIYed. So creative and colourful!

6 – Ice Ice Baby Costumes

Some may have to do a double take to get this costume idea, but this Ice Ice Baby costume is too cute! Of course, you’ll need a baby to pull it off, but other than that it can be an easy DIY project. You might also like our post of 15 Unique DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids and Babies.

7 – Barbie and Ken Halloween Costumes

Barbie and Ken Couples Costume
source: Pinterest

As a throwback to the 80’s, why not be the ultimate power couple and go as Barbie and Ken? Some bright pink gear and retro styling makes this a piece of cake to achieve.

8 – Pizza and Delivery Boy

Pizza Couples Costume
source: studiodiy

Did someone order pizza?!  This DIY costume is sure to draw attention. I mean, you can’t really miss a giant piece of pizza. Throw in the delivery boy and you’ve got your costumes locked down.

9 – Peter Pan and His Shadow

I had to do a double take to get this costume idea. The shadow is such a unique twist on making a Peter Pan outfit into a couples costume. Such a unique idea!

10 – Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree

It may be the artist in me, but I simply love this idea. Bob Ross is a pretty easy costume to pull off. Just grab yourself a wig and button-up shirt and you man is pretty much done.

The “happy little tree” adds that extra unique touch that any Bob Ross fan would recognize.

11 – Til Death Do Us Part

Til Death Do Us Part Costumes
source: @itsgabdiaz

“Til death do us part” holds new meaning with this creepy Halloween costume idea. Some special effects makeup and some dressy clothes are all you need to get started.

12 – Chicken and Waffles

Julie and her husband look so adorable in their homemade Chicken and Waffles Halloween costumes. She always brings her creativity full force into their DIY Halloween outfits and this one is no different.

13 – Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar

Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar Halloween Costumes
source: @snogthefrog

A violent twist on our favourite classic fast food icons — Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar. These definitely aren’t your kid-friendly mascots!

14 – Skeletons Couples Costume

Dress up like the dead! These super stylish skeletons seem to have risen from the grave.

I love the subtle accessorizing with the headpiece and boutonniere to make this costume a little less basic. Some skeleton makeup is easy to do with our tutorial!

15 – Operation and Doctor Couple Costume

Operation Couples Halloween Costume
source: pinterest

Yet another DIY costume that I can get on board with. Super easy to recreate and super unique! Some basic scrubs for him and some embellished sweats for her. Add a stethoscope and it’s like the Operation game came to life!

16 – Beetlejuice and Lydia

Beetlejuice Lydia Couples Costume
source: @jaglever

I love a good movie inspired costume and this one hits all of the marks.  Beetlejuice and Lydia in her red wedding dress are classic characters that will be recognized by anyone.

17 – Gardener and Sunflower

This cute pair created their costumes from an apron, fake flowers, and a tutu… and how sweet do they look!?

This would be a great option for many couples and you could even change the flower costume to one of your choice.

18 – Jack Skellington and Sally Halloween Costumes

These classic characters come to life with the right outfits!  If your man is tall, try this Jack Skellington costume idea and join him as Sally in your raggy dress. The makeup is the best part and pretty simple to accomplish!

19 – The Corpse Bride Couples Costumes

Corpse Bride Cosplay Costumes
source: pinterest

More Tim Burton halloween costume inspiration!  The Corpse Bride pair, Emily and Victor, created with some awesome attention to detail and makeup.

20 – Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Costumes
source: pinterest

If you’re opting for a sweeter costume idea, try this Disney inspired Peter Pan and Tinkerbell combination. You’ll be the cutest couple in Neverland!

Now that you’ve seen my top 20 costume ideas for couples, which one is your absolute favourite?

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By Dana Fox

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