20 Eclectic Apartment Decor Ideas Worth Giving a Try

Are you ready to put more “you” back into your apartment? Are you tired of feeling boxed in by one décor style, and are eager to expand your styling limits? Then, the eclectic décor style might be the perfect fit for you.  

The eclectic decor style is characterized by distinct colours, endless textures, and assorted sets of furniture and decorative pieces, coming together to create a vivid, yet complimentary eclectic space. It is about piecing together contrasting elements and different styles into a meaningful and unified space, by mixing and blending different time periods, aesthetics, and visuals into a space that effortlessly comes together.

So, if you’re someone who admires the vintage, rustic feeling of the modern farmhouse style, but also has an appreciation for the spontaneous approach of boho decor, then mixing all your adored décor styles with an eye for the eclectic, might be the way to go.

Ready to get more experimental with your living space, in a way that enhances your home? Here are 20 eclectic décor ideas worth giving a try, that will leave both your room and personality shining.

Gallery walls

Photo Credit: Etsy via IPurpleMoon

One easy way to dabble your feet in the eclectic home decor aesthetic is to start creating a gallery wall. Start by finding different, unique art prints and paintings that stand out to you and piece them together to create a wall collage. Have fun with the placement of the prints and feel free to keep shuffling them around until you like what you see. Remember that the eclectic style allows for imperfection and uniqueness.

Additionally, choosing artworks from varying art styles or art periods can help bring a diverse blend of colours, illustration styles, and emotions into your space. Purchasing prints or art pieces from independent artists can also help add a sense of uniqueness, individuality, and boldness to your home.

Find a room’s focal point

Photo Credit: Lavainteriors

Having a focal point in your eclectic room can help avoid turning your space into an array of mismatched colours, textures, and styles fighting for the viewer’s eye. This is where incorporating a suitable statement piece, comes into play. With a statement piece, the viewer’s eye is subtly guided and able to scan the space without being overwhelmed by the different décor in the room. Statement pieces create visual interest and can be anything from a nice centerpiece for your coffee table, to an eye-catching chandelier or the perfect, fuzzy rug.

Give it a pop of colour

Photo credit: Aboldnewhue

One of the most fun and best things about the eclectic aesthetic is the freedom to experiment with bold colors, without fearing it will ruin your space, like when you opt for an all-white kitchen. This eclectic living room design does this beautifully! Try playing with and incorporating colours that appeal to you, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box with colour combinations.

Play with textures

Photo Credit: Msviciousdesign via Themodproject

Eclectic spaces are known for the integration of different textures into the space. Consider adding a large fluffy area rug in bold hues in between your leather couches, or a rustic wooden table to centre your living space. Don’t be afraid to incorporate various textures into your smaller décor items as well, such as sculpted candle holders, ceramic or porcelain flower vases, or even 3D wall prints.

Popping patterns

Photo Credit: Heygirlfriend.blog

Patterns are another great way to experiment and spice up any space. Whether you adore animal prints, polka dots, stripes, geometric prints, or floral patterns, using these types of designs can add a sense of uniqueness and personality to your room for a curated look. Using different patterns can also be useful if you’re not quite ready to be too bold with colours and textures yet, but are looking to add a small splash of “Wow!” to your home.

Seek inspiration from the world

Photo Credit: Housebeautiful via Ecletic_decor

Incorporating designs, patterns, and styles from different cultures and places around the world can also add a freshness and distinct feel to your space, as you combine contrasting elements. For example, incorporating a beautiful, folding wall fan with intricate floral illustrations in a living room centred with a luscious Persian rug with intricate detailing can add a very unique and refined feel to your space.

It can also be a fun idea to display décor and souvenirs, you’ve collected from past travelling experiences. Not only will this help personalize your space, but it will also add some authentic cultural inspirations to your room, through unique and artistic pieces.

Merge old and new

Photo credit: Meadow_and_marsh

When designing and decorating your space, you may find that a lot of your chosen furniture, décor, and overall style is modernly chic. By blending some antique furniture or vintage pieces, such as art prints, frames, vases, or rugs with your modern elements, you can maintain the contrasting flairs of old and new, which will add an enhanced eclectic feel.

Decorative pillows

Photo Credit: Yayaandco

Decorative pillows are an amazing way to incorporate bold colours, patterns, textures, and styles into your space in a safe and fun manner! Try putting some bright decorative pillows to give your neutral couch a pop of colour, or place some funky, flower-shaped pillows amongst your white bedspread to give your bedroom some extra eclectic flare.

Go green

Photo Credit: Theflamingoandthefox

Consider adding some hanging plants or smaller planters around your space to give your rooms some natural, bright beauty and elegance to your eclectic approach. Placing some hanging plants beside your kitchen window, or having tiny, potted plants on your white dresser or side tables can help add a natural brightness to any room, with minimal effort. Adding plants into your space can also create the perfect blend of contrasting furniture pieces and décor, by seamlessly blending modern, urban styles with a more natural, organic feel.


Photo Credit: Peter_kleijnenburg_interior

Finding some vibrant, artistic sculptures to place around your coffee tables and dressers or to use as standalone pieces can help you achieve a bolder, eclectic style. With sculptures coming in all sorts of colours, shapes, textures, and patterns, incorporating the right sculpture into the space can provide the perfect, eclectic elegance. Sculptures can also help you effortlessly merge aesthetics from older time eras and periods, by offering a hint of vintage into the space.

Mirrors that reflect your style

Photo Credit: Rug_society

Mirrors are a fantastic way to incorporate some bold wall décor into your home. Consider placing an oversized mirror to hang over your mantel or dresser, or a round, crystal mirror to face you and your guests in the dining room. Have fun choosing mirror styles that appeal to you and reflect your personality. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different textures, materials, and frames until you find a mirror that’s a true reflection of your desired style.


Photo Credit: Thistimeincolour

One of the best and most personalized ways to add more eclectic elements into your space is to consider adding a tapestry as wall art. Since tapestries are already so vivid, bold, and bursting with patterns, they can be the perfect hanging décor to showcase your personality and make a room stand out. Consider purchasing a tapestry of an image that you adore, or something that evokes feelings of serenity and delight, so that the décor matches the emotions you are trying to capture in a designed space. Choosing the right tapestry can also create the perfect statement piece for any room, given their eye-catching, intricate details.


Photo Credit: The.hectic.eclectic

Experimenting with different types of lighting (as well as natural light!) can add some life and uniqueness to your home. Whether it’s a diamond chandelier, a futuristic floor lamp, or some rare pendant lights, using a mixture of different lightings can help blend the different décor styles in a given space, while also showcasing more of your personality.

Textured storage

Photo Credit: Kansasmichalke

Everyone loves and wants more storage space around their home. Storage spaces are one of the best ways to incorporate some more texture and functionality into any given room. For example, some woven storage baskets in the living room, or a round, velvet ottoman with extra storage in the bedroom, can offer both practicality and eclectic chicness to any space.  

Unveil your eclectic side

Photo Credit: 70shousemanchester via Potifiv

Curtains and drapes are an excellent way to incorporate more texture, vibrant colors, and pattern into any room. If you’re more wary of adding textures and patterns through actual furniture pieces, then having some delicate, laced drapes or some floral curtains can be the perfect way to add more eclectic elements into any area of your home.

Think big and small

To avoid your space looking messy or cluttered, make sure you incorporate both small and larger furniture and décor pieces into a room. Placing different-sized furniture pieces and décor helps the eyes be able to appreciate and take in the space better, without feeling overwhelmed. Having too many oversized, big pieces can make the space feel cluttered and cramped, while too many smaller pieces will compete for the eye’s attention and end up getting overlooked. A mix of larger and smaller items will also help you create a feeling of contrast and a cohesive look in your home.

Display what you love

Photo Credit: Mylifeinmulticolor

Since so much for the eclectic style is about your personality and showcasing what you love, it’s a good idea to take some sentimental belongings that you adore and display them as décor around your home. This could be anything from a valuable coin collection, a painting you love that you once bought from a flea market or a family heirloom that’s been passed down from your grandma. Adding these items as décor pieces will add more character and personality to your space, and make your home feel more lived in.

Negative spaces

Photo Credit: Avenayaguacate

While choosing the right furniture, colours, and decorative pieces are important in achieving an eclectic look, it is also important to leave some empty spaces around your room to give the viewing eye a resting point. Since so much of the eclectic style is centred around patterns, bright colours, large gallery walls, and funky décor, the styled space should not become oversaturated with design elements. Instead, leaving some space around art prints on the wall, or an empty corner in the living room can help enhance the décor and furniture that is already placed, since the viewer’s eye will easily be able to glance at the diverse pieces with appreciation.

Distribute evenly

Photo Credit: Joanna.anastasia_

Considering the eclectic style is largely about incorporating different eras, décor styles, and aesthetics, it’s important to remember to evenly distribute contrasting furniture and décor around your space. Doing this will help avoid one corner of your living room looking completely vintage, while the other side of the room leans towards more of an eclectic, boho style. Spreading furniture items and décor appropriately around any room will help to make the room look unified and help your favourite décor styles effortlessly blend.

Make it your own

Photo Credit: Carly_f84

Lastly, have fun with your space, and be sure to add your own touches and personality here and there! Aside from incorporating your favourite décor styles, be sure to add décor pieces that have some personal value to you.

One of the best ways to do this is by having some DIY décor pieces that you have made yourself, to help splatter your personality and creativity across any room. This could be a piece of pottery that you painted at the local crafts shop, or perhaps you have a talent for knitting and embroidery and can use one of your pieces as a wall hanging.

No matter what you choose, putting some “you” back into your home will help put the perfect, finishing touches on your home’s new, eclectic bliss.


By Russul Sahib

Russul is a freelance contributor, with a passion for exploring new and different topics in her work. When not working, she enjoys reading a good book, re-watching an old, loved movie, or listening to music.

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