Paint With Me: Mistletoe Watercolour Christmas Card Tutorial

Watercolor Christmas Card Tutorial

It’s almost time to start sending out Christmas greetings, so why not create your own sweet mistletoe watercolor cards!? 

A personalized card is such a fun way to add that extra bit of love to your mailings, and each one you create will be slightly different with some handmade charm! 

This tutorial uses watercolour paints and ink to make for a uniquely hand drawn card.

As always, I have you beginners in mind.  This video tutorial uses basic supplies and techniques that you can easily practice with. 

All you will need is a watercolour pad, paints, a pencil, brush, and ink pen. 

I will list all of my product recommendations for beginners below the video or you can check out my product recommendations right on Amazon in the Wonder Forest Amazon recommendations shop.

Mistletoe watercolour Christmas card tutorial:

Watercolour Mistletoe Tutorial

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Recommended  Watercolour Supplies:

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Silver Black Velvet #12 Brush
Reeves Watercolor Set
Tombow Fudenosuke Pen


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