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5 Ways You Can Benefit From Active Listening

Listening is an inherent component of any act of communication. We listen to voicemails, take in an employer’s feedback, and note what a partner has to say in an argument. Listening can also bring us inward. We constantly acknowledge (or disregard) our thoughts, emotions, and internal observations.
In many ways, acts…

How to Feel TRULY Empowered Everyday of Your Life

Empowerment is more than simply feeling powerful or confident. True empowerment is pure validation, a state of being in which we recognize and celebrate our own wild potential.
This feeling is often elusive, particularly for individuals who experience daily oppression, self-doubt, or limiting circumstances. It’s easy to feel unempowered…

How Mindfulness Has Transformed My Life

For me, mindfulness begins before my feet even hit the floor in the morning. Between running a business, hosting retreats, and teaching yoga classes, staying centred just isn’t optional. Many of you probably know that when you have employees or students relying on you, you have to keep your…

5 Ways to Treat Yourself This Weekend

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or find yourself praying for Friday to come sooner every day, it can be hard to find that work-life balance. Once our work days end, all the things we couldn’t get done during that time consumes our days off.
All the cleaning, dusting, laundry,…