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5 Ways to Increase Your Self-Worth

What is Your Self-Worth?
Your self-worth is the value which you place on yourself. It is your acknowledgement that you deserve more and that you are good enough. Do you sabotage opportunities which come your way, because you feel that you’re not good enough? Or do you aim high in…

How To Successfully Form A New Habit

If you’re like me, you have many new habits (or goals) you’d like to accomplish in 2017. Generally, I know I’d like to wake up earlier, work out more frequently, and eat more greens. Whatever your habit may be, it’s important to not overwhelm yourself. It indeed takes time…

3 Reasons We Need To Slow Down

As summer comes to a close and schools start to open the doors again, our minds are starting to get cluttered with so much that needs to get done. There are a lot of things on our plates and sometimes, it seems our to-do list is like an entire…