MAKE: DIY Pennant Flags

Hi there! It's Melyssa from The Nectar Collective. Today, I have a super easy and inexpensive DIY project that is perfect for fun home decor, parties, and even kids craft projects. Growing up, my family's home had lots of pennant flags adorned on our walls -- mostly for athletic teams. As cute as the flags were, I was never that into sports. Instead, this take on pennant flags offers up a cute alternative that you can totally make your own!

The supplies are very cheap. All you need is some felt, glue (I used fabric glue, but craft glue would work just fine!), scissors, and a marker (not pictured). You can also buy long wooden dowels if you'd like to turn your pennants into real flags, too.

To create your triangular shapes, fold your felt in half, into a rectangle. Then, cut from one corner to the opposite corner. Ta-da!

Once you're done with that, use your marker to write out your words on your other felt pieces. Cut them out and glue them on your triangular shapes. You're done! Since they're so lightweight, I just added some duct tape to the back of my flags and stuck them on the wall.

I chose some happy exclamations, since I seem to say them more than actual words these days. The beauty of this project is that it's super versatile -- you could spell out someone's name for cute birthday party decor, write the names of your favorite foods to spice up your kitchen, or be like me and use whatever silly words pop into your head. Have fun with it! :)

What would you write on your pennant flags?!

Melyssa is a graphic designer and blogger hailing from the mean streets of Orange County, California. You can usually find her on her blog, The Nectar Collective, where she uncovers positive vibes, spreads creativity, and talks about her corgi more than most people talk about their children. She also spends entirely too much time on Twitter, so you might as well say hello! @nectarcollect.
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WARDROBE REMIX: One Scarf Three Ways

by Joelle of La Petite Noob

Developing a personal style has become a passion of mine, and I am constantly drawing inspiration from popular culture, the fashion industry and the world around us.  Unfortunately, unlike some of my style icons, I'm working on a real-world budget so developing a re-mixable wardrobe is essential to having fashion variety without breaking the bank.  Re-imagining different ways to use the same article of clothing is a great way to ensure that you're really getting mileage out of each and every item in your closet.  For this post I'll be relying on two of my key clothing pieces, a maxi dress and a linen scarf, to achieve three different looks for the summertime.

Take one side of your linen scarf, and tie both corners together.  Reach over to the other end of your scarf and bring both ends together - one tied and one loose.  Feed one corner of the loose end through the gap you've made in the tied end, then tie both corners of the loose end together.  You should now have both ends of your scarf tied and joined together, making the entire scarf form a circle.  Place the scarf over your head, making sure the knotted end is at the back of your neck, twist and loop the scarf over your head once more.  Adjust the scarf for volume around your neck, again making sure that you're hiding the knotted end behind your neck. Once you're satisfied with the volume, you now have an easy infinity scarf - perfect for adding a casual element to any outfit.

For the next look, we'll be remixing our scarf to make a cozy cocoon open cardigan - perfect for a chilly summer night.  Start by grabbing one end of your linen scarf and tying both corners together.  You want to gage how much of a gap you leave between the corners by what will snugly and comfortably fit your own wrist.  Reach to the other end of your scarf and do the exact same thing.  Place both of your wrists through the gaps on either end of your scarf and bring up the back up around your shoulders.  **Note - if the tails from your knots are showing around your wrists, be sure to tuck them inwards so they're resting against your arm and hidden away.  Adjust for comfort and enjoy your cocoon open cardigan!

Crop tops have been popping up everywhere, and are a perfect solution to a balmy summer day and especially for those with any outdoor music festivals to attend. 

Start with your linen scarf folded in half length wise. Place the scarf flat against your back, with the two corners in either hand, and bring both of your arms to your front.  Trade your scarf corners from one hand to the other, and twist the scarf once clockwise, where it meets between your chest.  Now bring both ends towards your back again, and tie securely into place (we don't want any wardrobe malfunctions!)  Adjust the front part of your top by pulling each side wide so that it covers your entire chest.  When you're comfortable with the results (and decent), lower the top of your maxi dress slightly so that it just touches the bottom of your new crop top.  Your once maxi dress and scarf have now been remixed into a high-waisted maxi skirt and crop top.  Summer, here you come!

Joƫlle is a twenty-something wife, working professional, and personal style enthusiast living in Toronto, Ontario. Her blog, La Petite Noob, covers everything to do with exploring personal style, beauty and lifestyle, as well as documenting her list of 30 things to do before 30. She is an aspiring world traveler, obsessive Instagrammer and will never say no to a good gin and tonic.
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TECH TUESDAY: Geek Wishlist // 1

1 // USB Powered Light Bulb (link)
For when you just need a bit of light near your laptop.

2 // Wireless Remote for Smartphones and Tablets (link)
Selfies were never so easy. Compatible with a huge range of devices and has a 30ft range.

3 // Karma WIFI Hotspot (link)
For those times when you just can't make it to the nearest Starbucks. Pop this baby in your pocket and get 4G internet instantly... anywhere. It's pay as you go, but if you share your connection with others you earn "Karma" which acts as payment.

4 // Laser Projection Keyboard (link)
How Marty McFly would you feel if you pulled this bad boy out of your bag at an airport or something? It's a laser bluetooth keyboard that allows you to project the keys anywhere.

5 // Furry Headphones (link)
Because.... um... they're adorable.

6 // Macro Lens Band (link)
This definitely beats sticking one of those bulky magnetic smartphone lenses onto your device. Just strap it around and shoot ultra close-up photos with ease.

All products are from ThinkGeek, one of my fav places for techy toys. Here are a couple promos they currently have so you can save:

20% off $50, 25% off $100, 30% off $150+ off the entire site when you use the code PENUMBRA at checkout. Promo ends 4/16 and does not combine with Free Shipping $75+.

Free Chocolate Zombie Bunny with purchase any order over $25! Limited Time Only!
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