Being Fearless with Fashion

So often we worry about what others will think of us.  We worry that we'll be judged for dressing a certain way or trying out a new style. For some reason, a lot of us value the opinion and approval of friends, colleagues, and even total strangers more than we trust our own senses.
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TECH TUESDAY: Fall In Love With These iPhone Wallpapers

While I am spending the morning sitting in a dental chair, I thought it was the perfect time to share some brand new iPhone wallpapers for Fall. If you're a newsletter subscriber, you've already received these right in your inbox (lucky you!). I hope you like them!
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Everything works out.

I think that sometimes we have to be put through the ringer to come out as stronger people. Although it sucks big time, I hate to admit that it's sometimes necessary. How else would we grow and recognize what we are capable of? Oh life, you and your never ending lessons.
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Recent Empties! (and recommendations!)

I don't think I've done one of these posts before, so it should be fun. I always tend to go through products and just throw them out, but lucky for you, I've held onto them so I can share some of the products I've used up (and even replenished) lately.
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