Loving: Glo Skincare and Makeup

I've recently expanded my collection of Glo products, because I have been absolutely in love with the Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum, as I've mentioned in the past. This stuff totally helped fix some skin problems I had been having after nothing else would. It was recommended to me by a friend of mine who owns a skincare spa and I've been interested in the brand ever since.
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Tips for a Successful Blog

Having a successful blog takes work and time. Nobody becomes a successful blogger overnight! What is the secret to success? Well, that would depend on what success means to you, but generally bloggers who are on top of their game have these things in common:
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Awesome Online Courses for Creatives

I love the internet because the knowledge in it is seemingly never-ending. With such a huge variety of learning tools and expert advice at our fingertips, I would definitely say that I am a little bit addicted to it. I probably spend more time on here looking up how to do things than playing around with games or scrolling mindlessly through gossip sites!
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What You Love About Blogging

Firstly, thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday! Secondly, thank you all for your amazing entries for the 365 Blog Topic Ideas giveaway! I had a blast going through them all and I loved seeing what you all, individually, love about blogging. I love that blogging is such a diverse thing, and all of your comments prove that!  That said, the two winners have been chosen! Here they are:
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