How To Be Successful At Whatever You Do

Being successful doesn't mean being better than anyone. It means feeling completely content with the results of your efforts. I wanted to share some secrets and advice that will help you become successful in whatever you do, be it starting a new project, a new idea, or accomplishing a life goal.
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Tropical Style Inspiration

I love the colours of summer. Bright, cheery, and tropical vibes are ones that I could live with year round. If only I didn't live in Canada! Although I may not be near an ocean or a beach filled with palm trees, a little retail therapy can always put me in that mood.
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6 Solutions For When Things Aren't Going Your Way

Sometimes life hands you a hard pill to swallow along with the realization that you can't always get what you want. It's tough to hear that: "Sorry, you can't get what you want. Not today. Not ever." Life sucks sometimes, but that's life.
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How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Ever since I started re-imagining my Instagram profile, people ask me daily what apps I use and how I go about getting those white, foggy, and dreamy looking photos.  I decided to put a little video together showing you exactly how I do it instead of getting into a lengthy tutorial post.
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