Bi-Weekly Review // 7

Happy weekend, friends! The past two weeks have been quite busy ones. From launching a new blogging course, to design work, to new hair, and more, I'd have to say that this was the most productive I've been all month.
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Choosing a Colour Palette for Your Blog

When you're thinking of giving your blog a makeover, sometimes it can be tough to decide on a colour palette. A lot of people struggle with knowing what colours look good together, or how many they should use without their design looking messy.
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Tech Tuesday: Screen Love by Kriboute

I'm so happy to share a talented illustrator with you today! I fell in love with Kriboute the moment I laid eyes on the Instagram page. From unicorns to cats, these quirky little characters were right up my alley, and I was thrilled that Marion, the French creator of Kriboute, wanted to provide you all with some lovely desktop and iPhone wallpapers in her signature style.
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"Hi, I'm a Full Time Blogger."

Five years ago if you had asked me what I did for a living, the answer would have been simple. "I'm a web/graphic designer", I would say. Technically, I was much more than that. I was a business owner who wore many hats, but somehow saying that I just did web and graphic design made things simpler. It was easy to explain and spit out in one short sentence. Nobody asked many questions, which was fine with me because I am often humble about my work life and don't feel the need to go into too much detail with strangers.
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