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Blog Tip: How to Create a Favicon

If you own a blog, or you’re a reader of a blog, you’ve all seen this icon:

This Blogger icon appears in your browser address bar beside the blog URL as well as beside a blog’s name in blogroll lists… Unless you have your own fancy shmancy favicon to…

Make a vase out of sticks! Tutorial time!

I have been feeling extra crafty lately!  Did you guys like yesterday’s tutorial by my fiance?! This project is so easy, your children could do it… and the result is adorable!  Here’s how to make a woodland chic fabulous vase!

You will need:

Sticks and twigs
An empty coffee…

9 Step Dark Smokey Eye Tutorial

>> Check out the updated version of this tutorial here! <<
Hey friends! I’ve put together yet another eye makeup tutorial since the others seemed so popular!

Today, I did a super easy black smokey eye. Here’s what it looked like:

>> Check out the updated version of this tutorial here! <<


saying “thank you”.

Probably the least complicated thing you can do is say “Thank You”.  So why are these simple words overlooked by so many people?

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people forget, or neglect to say “Thanks!”.  That simple acknowledgement is a sign that you are appreciative of someone…

Mermaid Eyes?! 6 Step Makeup Tutorial!

I decided to dig into my makeup tutorial vaults again and share with you this incredibly easy way to get one of my top five favourite looks!  I named this look “Mermaid Eyes” because the colours and vibrancy just remind me of the ocean in the summertime!  Who wouldn’t…

DIY Rustic Pallet Coffee Table

When I started the project I’m about to share with you, I had no idea what I was doing or how it would turn out.  Luckily, I am thrilled with the results:

This rustic looking coffee table was made with just two pallets.  There had been a bunch of pallets…

How To Encode Your Email Address

I thought that a cool little feature I could start doing on this blog would be to share little HTML tips for all of my bloggy friends out there.  They will be short and sweet, and hopefully you will learn something you didn’t know before! So here we go…….

The Pop Shop Vintage Crate DIY

Of course you know that I love free stuff, but right next to free is .25 cents and I can sure deal with that as well!

If I told you that this vintage soda pop crate only cost me .25 cents, would you believe it!?

Well guess what, thanks to a…