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TECH TUESDAY: Pumpkin Patch Desktop Wallpaper

We’re in the heart of October, which means costume shopping, fall-themed home decor and visits to the pumpkin patch. Get your desktop in the mood of the season with this adorable pumpkin wallpaper courtesy of Cozy Reverie. 

Pumpkin Patch Desktop Wallpaper
To use:
Click on the link above for the full sized image

TECH TUESDAY: Avocado Love Wallpaper Downloads

The real reason us millennials can’t afford diamond rings and down payments on big houses? Avocados (and subsequently, avocado toast), of course! If your obsession runs just as deep, enjoy these freebie wallpapers courtesy of Laiana Isabel.


All designs are for personal use only. Do not use for…

Tropical Flowers Watercolour Tutorial

Painting flowers is a great way to familiarize yourself with watercolour because there are so many different shapes you can create and so many different colour combinations to discover.  You don’t have to be a professional artist to dabble in floral painting, because even the simplest, most loose arrangements…

6 Must-Have Books for Learning Hand Lettering

My hand lettering journey started during high school with copperplate calligraphy. After a many (many) year break, I started relearning hand lettering in both calligraphy and brush lettering. While I’m still a hand lettering newbie, here are my top six books that I use all the time for tips,…

Is the Modern World Stifling Our Creativity?

From embarrassing teenage poetry to carefully collated colour palettes for grown-up interior design, creativity is a retreat for many of us throughout our lives. In lots of ways, the modern world has empowered people to become more creative than ever, with the Internet ensuring that anyone can build an…

TECH TUESDAY: Summer Lovin’ Wallpapers

The summer sun has officially arrived! And with it comes to mind images of cool treats, colourful accessories and beachy vibes. Brighten up your phone with these fun wallpapers from Cozy Reverie. 

Ice Cream Tower
Seashell & Bubbles
Pink and Yellow Sunnies
How to install on mobile:
Open the image link on your…

How To Paint a Wild Mushroom

I’ve added a new painting video to the Wonder Forest YouTube channel for all of you aspiring artists!  This time, I decided to record my process of creating this wild mushroom in watercolours.  This mushroom was painted in layers, working from light to darker values and drying with a…